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We protect your crops and guarantee rich harvests and your prosperity, contributing to the economical development of our country.

Company's description

Today's success of «Himagromarketing» Company goes back to the history rich in traditions and professional achievements. It was established in 1994 with the purpose of supplying the agrarian market of Ukraine with advanced technologies in the field of plant protection. At the beginning of its activity the presentation of «Efal» preparation turned out to be triumphant start for the company.

Constantly moving forward today we actively and successfully develop in three directions: innovative elaboration and production of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, selling them, as well as scientific accompaniment of application thereof in agriculture.

he activity of «Himagromarketing» Company is not limited to the territory of our country – the name of our company is well known in Russia and Moldova, having gineb a good account of itself in the markets of these countries.

Company's values

We pay close attention to the requests of the company's clients and prospective consumers to fully justify their expectations, choice and hope.

The work of our company as a whole is aimed at their prosperity, welfare of their families, and possibility of being healthy and happy.

We realize the responsibility of the choice of our company by the customers, and therefore we always do what we have promised to do, whereas honesty - is the most important element of dialogue with the customer. His confidence – is above all, therefore the output of every employee of the company is at most effective, and aimed at satisfaction of the most demanding and continuously growing requirements of our clients.

We are a team of professionals whose main goal is to reach the highest level of rendering services, sticking to the basic principles of business ethics. It is our employees realizing their professional potential that are the competitive advantage of «Himagromarketing» Company.

Sensitive attitude to the individuality and brightness of everyone – clients, partners, and friends – is the basis of all our decisions.

We are always ready to help you make the right choice and effectively use the preparations of «Himagromarketing» Company.

The strategy we have chosen describes the way we will follow to hold the leading position in the sphere of production of plant protection substances, guaranteeing stable development to our customers due to the advanced technologies of plant growing we propose, brave and economically profitable solutions in protection of crops, gardens and vineyards, and agriculture as a whole.

Today the company offers a wide range of pesticides to the farm producers….

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