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The Logistics center of the company ‘Himagromarketing’

Dear partners, we would love to be the best ones for you, consequently we always improve ourselves and strive to make our cooperation as comfortable as it is possible in all cases as well as to provide you with the full range of services.

Nowadays, the transportation of products appears to be one of the main conditions which define the competitiveness of an enterprise. This is a service which takes one of the major positions in the process of business. That is why the company ‘Himagromarketing’ has always paid much attention on logistics and providing our partners with the high-class service.

The development of the logistics department started in 2006 after the decision to found the vehicle fleet of the company had been made. The company got several FOTON vehicles, which delivered products to our partners. Lots of things have changed since that time, we gradually optimized the cargo traffic, increased reliability and regularity of transportations, synchronized transport and moving operations with the production processes, ensured that the products were safe and by 2010 we reached a new level, providing our partners with high-quality services of the ‘Logistics center’.

Some argue that the acquisition of logistics services together with a product may result in additional expenses, but this point of view is not that right, because today one of the main criteria of choosing a product is its value for a customer. It is a widely known fact that the value of a product consists not only of its quality and price but also of its availability at any time. By acquiring the logistics services you avoid the undesirable spending of money on keeping a warehouse with proper conditions, getting permission to save chemical products, organizing transport for delivery, and staff etc. What is more, you can be sure that your product is in proper conditions, always available and will be delivered in time. Taking everything into consideration, we offer you the increase in price of a product which consists of its availability and prompt delivery.

At present the company ‘Himagromarketing’ has a great experience in the logistics management. We have high-qualified specialists working here, we also have a well developed infrastructure – warehouses, transportation and distribution network, modern vehicle fleet, consulting units etc.

The major part of the vehicle fleet of the company ‘Himagromarketing’ consists of cargo vehicles FOTON and German MAN, which are used either for internal transportations or for delivering of the massive portions of cargo to Russia and Moldova. Trailers are equipped with dividing walls, which help to divide different groups of products while transporting. The vehicle fleet constantly gets renewed and is equipped with navigation equipment.

Along with the traditional delivery of large amounts of products, the popularity of delivery of small orders has been increasing, as a consequence the company added such cars to the vehicle fleet as Citroen Berlingo, Fiat Doblo, Fiat Skudo, Peugeot and ZAZ Tavriia.

Due to the considerable amount of warehouse complexes in the regions of Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizha, Donetsk and the Crimean Peninsula, we assure the shortest terms of transportation of cargo and better mobility. The delivery of a product to any part of Ukraine takes not more then 1-2 days. Besides, you can find out where your product at any moment of time is by calling the hot line (050) 424-01-11.

One of the advantages which the company ‘Himagromarketing’ possesses – is the fast, timely and qualitative transportation of products to the point of destination. Our company guarantees its clients the high European level of rendering of logistics services, high-class technological decisions including 24/7 technical assistance and cargo safety control.

Delivery cost is quite economical and this is not the only merit which attracts the partners of the company. Cargo transportations are carried out according to flexible and planned routes with a total control over the freight. Just that very formula allows us to make ourselves known and to guarantee the high level services regardless of the fact where the product should be transported to: the production of the company ‘Himagromarketing’ is always delivered to any part of the country in time.

Due to such service it is not a surprise that we have many partners and clients because we ensure the entire process of selling a product from the conclusion of a bargain to harvest, including delivery, control over plant protection application and scientific assistance.

Hot line
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