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‘Himagromarketing’ company takes part in the XII Chinese International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition


‘Himagromarketing’ company takes part in the XII Chinese International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition

Exhibition. China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition, one of the largest of its kind, have started in Shanghai recently. The latest achievements in the sphere of crop protection and market trends were presented within a framework of this exhibition.

Forum. V Chinese International Forum on Development of Pesticide Industry took place on the first day of the exhibition. More than 20 experts from China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and other countries were invited to speak on the CAC 2011 conference. Participants from ‘Himagromarketing’ company, headed by the chairman of the board of directors Andrew Kuftarkov, also took part in the conference.

The participants were mostly engaged by the reports of Dr Mattew Phillips (director of world famous consulting company Phillips McDougall), Ye Chuibiao (director of the Institute of Agrochemicals Control affiliated with Chinese Ministry of agriculture), Flavio Hirata (expert from ALLIER BRASIL) and Pradip Dave (chairman of India Association of Pesticides Manufacturers).

Dynamics. The forum was devoted to the assessing of the market of agrochemicals in 2010. Experts came to the conclusion that consumption of the crop protecting agents went up by 1.2% ($38 315 million) compared to the previous year. This is the second biggest volume for the last 10 years after the record of 2008 ($40 475 million), which is the demonstration of the recovery of the market.

The highest rates of CPA consumption growth were posted by the countries of south African region: Tailand, Pakistan and India as well as countries of Latin America. Consumption rates of CPA in north America hasn't changed a lot, while in European countries it dropped.

Compared to 2009, it is necessary to point out that herbicides' usage has decreased while demand for insecticides and fungicides increased.

After the second day of the forum it was clear that prices on crop protecting agents are sure to go up because of the growing inflation pace in China and the revalvation of Chinese yuan exchange rate compared to the US dollar. Moreover, it can be also caused by the growth of CPA consumption worldwide, as Mr Phillips mentioned in his report. The disaster in Japan was said to be the reason for rise of prices because Japan is the only manufacturer of some technical products for CPA’s.

Crop prices. Experts point out the possible growth of the price of corn and soy. It is connected with the growth of their consumption rates and reduction of their stock. To compare, there was 60 million t of soy and 147-145 million t of corn by the end of 2009 and now there is just 58 million t of soy and 128 million t of corn available. Prices on rise and rape will stay on a stable high level. Prices on cotton will experience a steady growth. Prices on sugar cane went up, which caused a leap of prices on ethanol. According to the provided data, production of bio fuel will increase from 9.2 billion gallons in 2012 to 15 billion in 2022.

Report on Brasil. Expert from ALLIER BRASIL, Flavio Hirata, presented the overview of the Brasilian market. It is remarkable that the tendencies of its growth are similar to these in Ukraine despite the difference in climat and weather conditions. Mr Hirata pointed out that the registration procedure is going to get more and more expensive and requirements to the registrants will get tougher.

Report on China. Ye Chuibiao marked that Chinese export of CPA’s is growing year after year. Taking into account the fact that he quality of the produce is constantly increasing, China is becoming more tightened in this branch. The spokesman also mentioned the painful problem of environmental contamination. He also said that 60 million t of sewage is dumped every year as a result of CPA manufacturing.

Dear colleagues, we will present you the detailed reviews of the market after discussing the collected materials on the exhibition.

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