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XXIII International agricultural exhibition-fair ‘AGRO-2011’ – resume.


XXIII International agricultural exhibition-fair ‘AGRO-2011’ – resume.

XXIII International agricultural exhibition-fair ‘AGRO-2011’, which is acknowledged as the largest and most prestigious national event in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, has ended. Every year the exhibition increases the amount of domestic and foreign participants, which widely represent all branches of agriculture, food industry, and processing and fish industry, agricultural mechanical engineering. This time the exhibition gathered together more then 2.2 thousand domestic and more than 200 foreign companies and representations from 28 countries such as: Russia, Belorussia, USA, Poland, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, China, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Israel, Finland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Georgia, Turkey, France and others.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that this year ‘AGRO-2011’ differed a lot from the previous exhibitions. The fair was opened by the prime minister of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov and the minister of Agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Nikolai Prysazhnuk, afterwards in the terms of the exhibition the All-Ukrainian forum of village councils ‘Development of rural territories-the core of the agrarian strategy of Ukraine’, which was initiated by the ministry of agrarian policy together with the All-Ukrainian association of village councils, was held. Approximately 3 thousand people took part in it, village and township chairmen, heads of regional administrations of Ukraine, heads of public organizations, representatives of educational and scientific institutions of the agrarian branch. After the forum the Memorandum concerning the cooperation between the Ministry of agrarian policy and the All-Ukrainian association of village councils was signed.

Picture 1: The opening ceremony of the XXIII International agricultural exhibition-fair ‘AGRO-2011’.

The ‘Himagromarketing’ company took an active part in ‘AGRO 2011’ too. Every evening was filled with meetings, seminars and consultations, where the modern questions and the newest technologies in agriculture were discussed. In the terms of the exhibition, the international scientific-practical conference «Innovative technology in modern crop production: experience, development and tendencies» was carried out with the participation of the leading foreign and domestic specialists in the branch of agriculture. The conference addressed the following issues: the world experience of crop cultivation, innovations concerning surface-active substances, growth regulators, selection, and the prognosis of the development of pests in 2011, assessment of agro-meteorological conditions.

Picture 2: The ‘Himagromarketing’ company management with the delegation of the University of Szeged.

The current member of the Academy of Institute of plant protection in Stuttgart, doctor, and specialist of Evonik Industrials - Ewald Sieverding shared with local agrarians the experience of using and advantages of adjuvants. The work of the innovative product of Evonik Industrials – SuperKAP was presented visually. It will be exclusively presented on the markets of Ukraine and Moldova by the ‘Himagromarketing’ company. In addition, he narrated in detail about the peculiarities of the SuperKAP application with different preparations and how one can achieve the maximum effect and increase of yield. Besides, doctor Ewald Sieverding presented the new product – SuperSCREEN. Unlike SuperKAP, when one uses Super SCREEN droplet of solution spreads very slowly and this process can last for hours, consequently it is recommended to use it with soil herbicides.

Picture 4: The current member of the Academy of Institute of plant protection in Stuttgart, doctor, and specialist of Evonik Industrials - Ewald Sieverding.

The agrarians were very interested with the Dan Lee’s lecture – the representative of Dongguan Gro Highway BioTech Inc. He shared with agrarians the technology which helps increase the crop yields with the aid of growth regulators, which reveal the potential of crop capacity. With the help of the growth regulators presented by Dan Lee roots become better, they get more powerful and developed. What is more, the growth regulators may contribute to the immunity improvement of a plant, increased resistance to pathogens and stresses, decrease the amount of unfavorable influence caused by pesticides and heat and can stimulate the absorption of microelements.

Picture 5, 6: The representative of Dongguan Gro Highway BioTech Inc. Mr. Dan Lee.

On the conference the attention was paid on branch of the activity of the ‘Himagromarketing’ company which is not that new – selling the high-quality seeds of the Hungarian selection. Thus, the leading specialist of the corn selection from the world wide known University of Szeged - Dr. Sandor Szel shared with agrarians the results of investigating the influence of drought on the productivity of different crops, taking into account unfavorable weather conditions in the world during recent years. There is no surprise that it was also mentioned about the new breeds of winter rape which are to be realized by the ‘Himagromarketing’ company in Ukraine, and about the new breeds of corn which are being tested. Doctor Sandor Szel pointed out that currently the priority in selection of new breeds of corn is given to receiving bigger crop capacity from one hectare, adaptability of breed to different climate conditions, high degree of seed drying.

Many discussions were caused by the lectures of our domestic specialists. Especially interesting was the lecture narrated by the candidate of biological sciences, senior expert of the Analytic-consulting centre Blue Strip PROON – Kobets Nikolay Ivanovich about the formation of the agricultural market in Ukraine and the future prognosis.

Picture 7: The candidate of biological sciences, senior expert of the Analytic-consulting centre of Blue Strip PROON – Kobets Nikolay Ivanovich.

Traditionally, Adamenko Tatiana Ivanovna presented to the agrarians the agro-meteorological forecasts during the current vegetation period, moreover she told the audience about the observed tendencies of the climate change. She noted that recently the climate in northern and southern regions is becoming more and more identical. Due to the global warming the temperature regime and weather conditions of the northern regions become similar to the weather conditions in southern regions, as a consequence the diseases and pests which have never been seen here are spread.

Of course, the specialists of the ‘Himagromarketing’ company shared their experience too. Chairman of the board of directors of the ‘Himagromarketing’ company, PhD in economics Kuftarkov Andrey Yuriyevich presented to the guests and agrarians the overview of the world’s an Ukrainian market of the plant protection preparations.

Picture 8: Chairman of the board of directors of the ‘Himagromarketing’ company, PhD in economics Kuftarkov Andrey Yuriyevich.

The leading specialist of the company ‘Himagromarketing’, the candidate of agricultural sciences – Lungul Arkadiy Aleksandrovich shared with agrarians the urgent methods of the protection of corn from cotton worm and carried out different consultations on the topics in which the agrarians were interested in.

In general, the exhibition ‘AGRO 2011’ was held successfully in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

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