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International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSC) in Moscow


International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSC) in Moscow

International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSC) was held in Moscow during the 4th and 5th of June. It was dedicated to the comprehensive review of the industry of crop protection. The exhibition was organized by the Pesticide Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) and China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA). Manufacturers, developers and distributors of agrochemical production, industrial associations, and directors of agro industrial enterprises and representatives of government were present on the conference. So was the delegation of the “Himagromarketing” company headed by the chairman of the committee of directors, Ph.D. in economics Kuftarkov Andrey Yuriievich.

The organization of the exhibition in Russia gave the manufacturers of agrochemicals from China and India the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services. During this-year exhibition the focus was on the countries of the Eastern Europe and CIS in order to cooperate directly with suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, distributors and importers. In addition, experts have noted that the most dynamic growth of market of all CIS countries is being observed in Russia and high levels of import in the country are expected.

One of the most anticipated and interesting reports was the Dr. Matthew Phillips’s (from the world-wide known independent analytics company in the field of agro chemistry Philips McDougall) presentation. Dr. Matthew Phillips introduced to the participants of the exhibition the perspectives and review of the development of the agrochemical market in the countries of CIS. Experts estimate the cost of the CIS market as $1.2 billion, 46% ($556 million) – the market of Russian Federation, 30% ($363 million) – the market of Ukraine, 9.6% - Kazakhstan, 4.5% - Belarus, 9.4% - the other CIS countries.

Speaking about cultures in the market of Ukraine we have the following numbers: grain - 30.6%, sugar beet - 20.1%, corn - 17.1%, sunflower – 11.8%, rape - 7.7%, soy - 5.8%, fruits and vegetables - 6.1 % and 0.3% - other cultures.

According to forecasts, by 2015 we can expect growth of the CIS Agricultural Chemistry at 5.4%, while the European Union - 1.2%, and overall growth on a global scale by 2.2%.

According to Dr. Matthew Phillips the key factors, which affect the development of the world agrochemical market in 2011 are prices of crops: stable prices of wheat, corn and rape (due to the anticipated shift to cereals in Europe), stable position of rice thanks to the growing demand of it, growing prices of cotton due to the small output in 2010 and export tariff in India, great demand of ethanol in Brazil and further growing prices of sugar. Moreover, the prices of oil have grown too, which will result in stable demand of biofuel and consequently higher prices of crops.

What is more, Dr. Phillips pointed out that the further perspectives of the development of the agrochemical market in the countries of CIS will depend on: crop prices and farmers’ income, expanding of the EU, growing of GMO, technical cultures for ethanol and biofuel production, prices of agrochemicals in China, resistivity of plants, which gives the opportunity to the development of new products etc.

The topic concerning the registration of pesticides and agrochemicals in Russia and Ukraine was very popular too. The presentation about it was delivered be Tatiana Palchek, the director of the Department of Central and Eastern Europe of the “Polgar AKRO” company. She noted that the complicated process of registration accompanied with the rapidly changing legal norms often appears to be the case, why some companies cannot enter the agrochemical market of Ukraine.

Attention has been drawn and the main trends and market development of agricultural chemicals in Ukraine. The report concerning this topic was introduced by Hirka Anatoliy Dmitriievitch – the head of the laboratory of technology of growing of the winter grains and oilseeds of the Institute of Agriculture of the Steppe Zone, of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Experts assessment is: the market of plant protection products in Ukraine is estimated to $420 million in 2010, and anticipated growth till 2015 is $650 million. Anatoliy Dmitriievitch also pointed out that possible loss of the winter wheat may be 8.5 tons per hectare. Due to numerous factors, including usage of plant protection products by agrarians, the actual loss is going to be 3.0 tons per hectare. In order to reduce these numbers, the following factors should be taken into consideration: crop rotation, variety, tillage, sowing, fertilizers, growth regulators, harvest time, storage.

International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSC) in Moscow contributed to the development of doing business in the agricultural sector for the delegates from different countries and also for the “Himagromarketing” company with the aid of implementation and intensification of new innovative projects.

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