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NEW! Tiaben T – new seed treatment cereals!


NEW! Tiaben T – new seed treatment cereals!

The “Himagromarketing” company has registered the new combined systemic cereal seed treatment – Tiaben T, which acts against the complex of pathogens and contains properties which help stimulate the growth of rootage.

Climate and weather conditions are among the most important factors for having good yields. Because of the climate change planting dates of great amount of crops have considerably changed too. It is hard for an agricultural producer to choose the optimal conditions, and also, the effective seed treatment, which would be able to protect crops, regardless of planting dates.

The “Himagromarketing” company offers the new combined systemic seed treatment Tiaben T which contains triticonazol (80 gr/l), tiabendazol (80 gr/l) and microelements: B 3.0 gr/l, Zn 5.0 gr/l. Apart from the fungicide functions, Tiaben T has the growth-stimulating functions, which allows you not only to protect your crops from the undesirable diseases, but also remarkably improve rootage and as a result increase the level of growth and development of a plant.

The reactant tiabendazol acts immediately and strengthens the control over pathogens due to durable action. It disturbs the process of division of cell nuclei, preventing the reproductive phase of pathogen. Moving to the embryo of a seed, the preparation destroys brand infection, and moving to growing points Tiaben T protects shoots and rootage from soil pathogens.

Triticonazol disturbs the selectivity of penetrability of cell membranes of pathogen and decelerates the process of demethylation of sterols biosynthesis. Due to gradual transition of the reactant inside a plant the activity of preparation is saved during a great deal of time.

Figure 1,2: The spectrum of diseases controlled Tiaben T.

Boron regulates pollination and insemination, carbon and protein metabolism, also increases resistance to diseases. Zink in its turn regulates protein, lipid, carbon, phosphorus metabolism, biosynthesis of vitamins and auxins.

According to results of experiments, conducted by the employees of the scientific-innovative department, in can be noted that the preparation appeared to be very good in production conditions. The preparation shows its maximum power against the group of smut diseases, root rots, saprophytic bacteria, seed moldings, and anthracnose. Tiaben T successfully controls the most dangerous causative agents of grain crops, such as: pathogens from genus Tilletia (T. caries; T. tritici) due to the deep penetration of tiabendazol and decontamination of infection during the initial stage of pathogen development. It should be pointed out that analogues to the Tiaben T do not exist – this seed treatment is presented exclusively by the “Himagromarketing company”.

The “Himagromarketing” company has been successfully developing and implementing plant protecting products for more than 16 years. Every year the pesticide formulations are improved and their range is expanding. Tiaben T – is a universal combined seed treatment, which provides the protection from the wide range of different causative agents. It will help not only to protect your crops from adverse weather conditions, but also significantly increase your yields!

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