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The sugar beet feast in Moldova 2011!


The sugar beet feast in Moldova 2011!

10 July 2011. In Moldova on the beet field of the farm of SRL Climentanul-Agro in the village of Klimauts of the Dondyshansk region the major sugar producing company in Moldova, the Südzucker Moldova, together with enterprises, the suppliers of agricultural machinery, beet seeds and agrochemicals organized for their partners the traditional feast for the European agrarians “The Day of Field 2011”. This event has become the symbol of solidarity of the European agrarians, the ones who have achieved the economic success and the others (the Moldavian beat growers) who move along the same path.

In his welcoming speech, Alexander Koss, the speaker of Südzucker Moldova, the representative of the Union of Sugar Producers of Moldova, noted that: “We have been working in Moldova fro ten years, during this period of time the average yield output of sugar beat has increased in two times, the production of sugar per one hectare of sugar beet plantations has increased more than in two times, the losses of sugar beat on the fields of plants have decreased from few percent to hundredth of percent, the average sugar output has increased by ten percent, and expenses, for example on the energy resources on the sugar plants have decreased by more than two times. Since the beginning of its work in Moldova Südzucker has invested in the sugar industry of the country more than €35 million. But it is not the main point. The main point is that the very strong relationships among beet growers were built during this time”.

During the presentation of the test fields the “Himagromarketing” company familiarized its partners in Moldova with the results of experiments and tests on herbicides, where the new scheme of sugar beet protection according to the regulations concerning usage of herbicides in Moldova has been tested. The main criteria were the effectiveness and price competitiveness. Very interesting for agrarians was the famous either in Moldova and Ukraine new innovative product of the “Himagromarketing” company organic-silicone surfactant Super KAP, which aids retention, soaking, spreading, penetration and transition to the uncovered leaf parts of the applied crop protecting agents. Consequently, the pesticide consumption rate and the amount of fluid per hectare can be reduced.

Photo1,2,3:The test field of the “Himagromarketing” company.

The guest of honor of “The day of field 2011” was Valeriu Kosarchuk, the Minister of agriculture and food production of Moldova. This grand event was attended be more than 800 farmers together with their families which made this feast a bit unique. “The Day of Field” was the real feast for a family, participants and those who were invited had a chance to visit the event together with their kids, for whom the playground was erected, to enjoy not only the sunny day, nice music performed by the famous Moldavian artists, but also delicious food and cotton candy for kids.

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