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"Himagromarketing" - financially stable and responsible partner!


"Himagromarketing" - financially stable and responsible partner!

Dear Partners, the company "Himagromarketing" pleased to inform you that in the result of creditworthiness exploring, company IBcontacts awarded LLC "Himagromarketing" with short-term credit rating of «uaK3». This exploring was based on official financial reporting of LLC "Himagromarketing". Company IBcontacts (International Business Contacts) - a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, as well as FCIB (Finance and Professional Association of Credit and International Business) specializing in the development of trade relations between Ukrainian companies and their foreign partners

Assigning credit ratings carried out by specially developed methodology of company IBcontacts for assessing the level of credit risk for companies in Ukraine and CIS.

Rating of the borrower «uaK3» means a sufficient creditworthiness comparing to other Ukrainian borrowers or obligations. The borrower’s financial position is satisfactory to prevent foreseeable risks in the short-term period.

Thus, the assessment of financial condition at the level of «uaK3» characterizes LLC "Himagromarketing" as a company with sufficient creditworthiness as compared to other Ukrainian borrowers.

This credit score will help the company "Himagromarketing" in transactions with trading partners and foreign suppliers, creating a favorable credit history and financial reputation.

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